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We currently hold consulting partnering 
agreements with several local 
authorities where we are contracted to 
supply highway survey information to 
be used for the design of new build 
schemes, structural maintenance, safety 
schemes, footpath schemes etc. 
The surveys accurately locate highway 
boundaries, building frontages, overhead 
structures, road channels and kerb lines,
service utility covers and poles, all road 
markings, trees, landscaped areas, cross 
sectional levels etc.
The resulting survey information is 
related to the Ordnance Survey National 
Grid and Datum and issued as 2D 
AutoCAD files and 3D Moss Genio files
A & B Surveys, 12 Highfields, Bentley, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP9 2BP 
Telephone No: 01473 311962 
Email: info@absurveys.co.uk